I’m not really sure quite what direction I’m going in :S in some ways i think ive gotten a bit better this past week; ive done all the stuff i had to do already and a bit more, and ive slept a lot less. But in others, not so much. Well I made a bit of effort but not enough ;p

Anyway there are two bits that really struck me today. The first being (from “The Business of Heaven”, Jan 20th; CSLewis) that Christianity is not in essance about “good” and “bad” its about “truth” and “untruth”. A lot of the time when you talk to people they’re like “ahh well I think this is good so that’s why I do this” and yeah, that stuff can be good in some ways, but…the important thing really is what is true and what is a lie. No matter how good you may perceive something to be, it’s useless if it’s a lie. And to the point of Christianity; if it’s a lie (which it isn’t) then it’s foolishness, but you don’t win or lose cos life doesn’t really have much point; but if it’s true it’s eternally and inifinitely important to be in with the truth.

The second was that (John…17??) when Jesus prayed for the church as it would become, He mostly prayed for unity. Amazing. Because…what seems to throw people off Christianity the most is disunity; between individual Christians, between organisations, between what people say and what they do, between the Bible and our lives.

The second one definitely should have me thinking :\ cos you can have disunity in what you think and other things you think, and that needs to be sorted.


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