First impressions

So today I attended a Bible read-through group for the first time. It was pretty good.

The idea is that we read the whole Bible in a year, meeting up once a week to keep accountability and discuss things we’ve noticed. This week was Matthew, and we each had to bring three points from the book. Different people pick up on different things – it’s surprising how much I didn’t even notice, or had forgotten already.

I thought I would find it a lot more difficult, because I don’t seem to hear from God or feel His presence; my points didn’t seem to me to be very enlightening or ‘good’. But I found that to the contrary, it was a relaxed contemplative atmosphere and I didn’t feel under any pressure. Unusual for a what I would deem a social situation, I know.

It would seem that this reflects what I think I have been taught most from the gospel according to Matthew: that what is on the inside is most important.


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