It’s better to be able to make pie than know pi

I don’t think that intelligence should be the big deal that it is. I mean obviously it’s a good thing, but the low status, almost shame, associated with having a lower IQ or doing a job that doesn’t require so many qualifications is just plain wrong. Of course this could be my distorted view from an academic world, and the rest of society isn’t bothered, but even so to have so much emphasis on it even in one area is…foolish.

What should be honoured is wisdom, not intelligence. I’d rather be wise and stupid than a clever fool. Indeed, a lot of clever people are fools… especially the ones that equate intelligence with wisdom or worth itself.

In fact, just because being more intelligent is (possibly) a good thing, it doesn’t mean that less is a bad thing. Some ‘opposites’ are equal in value, but some are very very different in value… . This is another post entirely, infact.


2 responses to “It’s better to be able to make pie than know pi

  1. one of may favourite authors in one of his books presents two similar ends to the world, one where everyone suddenly becomes a genius and then everyone becoming…not genius’ both would of course be devastating. either everyones too smart to do simple labour or no-one knows how to do the cleaver things

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