Conversations with an old friend

I very often come up with my musings whilst in conversation with Dan. Well that is one reason right there that I wish I had more friendships. Anyhow, I am now blatantly stealing from him (but it’s okay because if I steal from two more people that makes it research). But these two equations occured during the course of our conversation, the former from me, and the latter (which made me literally laugh out loud) from him:

Worship = Singing
Alternative Worship = Candles and Soft Music

Now my thought is not entirely at its most eloquent today (or should that be, my eloquence is not entirely at it’s most thoughtful?) due to my latest delvings into the world of being-made-well-by-medicine, but I shall contrive to convey the thoughts behind our ramblings. Dan, as he makes us aware of here, is somewhat dissatisfied with modern worship’s apparant stagnation. But his pointing out of our recession in words, actually made me aware of something else. Notably, what I quoted above. To our minds, worship = singing.

How even is that? I very often struggle to worship through song. But as ironically mentioned above, my alternate option is to light up a candle (which is unfortunately a violation of my terms of residence). I do worship in song, and music, but I also worship in prayer or some praiseful prayer, if that’s even a term of an actual thing one can do. I suppose testifying as well, although being somewhat introverted I don’t like, y’know, testifying.

I’m pretty sure those equations are wrong, but in my drug-addled state I can’t bring to mind more options. Enlighten me.


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