This advert really irritates me.

Not because it’s another phone, or indeed due to it’s blatant contradiction (it promises to not keep you waiting, and then proceeds to delay your viewing pleasure by over a minute), but for the big up-front out-there widely believed lie.

“Impatience is a virtue”, in big bold letters on your screen.

Impatience, my friends, is not a virtue.

First up, impatience, for all its popularity, did not produce a single thing listed as a product of impatience. And good things such as leaving the cinema when the film’s awful are not a product of impatience either, but rather good sense. Impatience is the hallmark of the irritating child who hasn’t yet learned. In fact, impatience is a surefire trait of immaturity (more on that later perhaps?) and idiocity.

Does anyone enjoy the cries of a child who can’t accept that dinner will take another five minutes to cook? Or actually like the feeling rising up in them that they have to have the latest thing now? In fact what drives us in impatience is to get rid of feeling impatient.

Patience is a virtue, and a good one at that. It takes a long long time to develop (like all good things including but not limited to friendship, whisky and Starcraft II) and you’ll presumably never arrive at truly patient (see previous comment about Starcraft II), but never make the mistake of believing the box’s childish whinging in a bid to get you to buy their things.

Well, now I think about it, I doubt anyone believes that advert. It’s far too obviously wrong for it to be taken truthfully. But it’s still annoying.


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