“I believe the Bible is… “

I came up with a wonderfully eloquent (in my opinion) close to this statement, but then fell asleep and as such forgot it. I shall endeavor to glean from the dregs of my memory some sense of what I thought.

I believe the Bible is the word of God. I believe it is true, and uniquely so; not just historically, but spiritually. Also unique in the way that no other book is this inspired scripture.

I believe the Bible is the book to live by, not just ‘useful advice’; what it says needs to be taken to heart and acted upon. Just reading it is not enough. Picking and choosing is also not an option, despite how tempting that is. Also twisting words for your own purpose is decicedly bad.

Finally (for now), I believe the Bible is a centrepoint of truth. By which I mean, you can determine the truth of a doctrine based on the Biblical teaching, and the truth of your thoughts based on what is contained in the Bible. Without regular and honest reading of the Bible in its entirity, one’s mind and spirit are prone to wander away from the truth. Somewhat like a compass.

Anyway, that’s a challenge done :)


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