My earlier post promised more on opposites, but I haven’t really gotten around to it until now.

I mentioned that although being intelligent is good, that doesn’t atutomatically mean that not being intelligent is bad. We seem to confuse the strict laws of opposites in disciplines such as maths, with moral opposites – or maybe it’s more that we say one thing is the opposite of another, when infact it’s not?

In any case, a mathematical opposite may have opposite direction, but equal magnitude, but the opposites our mind assumes from the world around us needn’t have this equal magnitude.

Take the big one – God and the devil. There’s an assumption there that they’re opposite, but that certainly does not mean they are equal. God is infinitely more powerful than we can even imagine, and nobody and nothing equates to that. So although the goodness of God may be opposite to the evil of satan, they’re not equally distant poles. When you think about it, satan’s very existance is dependant on God.

Then there’s other things that we treat as opposites, but really arent. Love and hate. It seems to be that love and indifferance are the true opposites, and hate and indifference as well… . So we perhaps have two things being opposite to one other thing, but not equal to each other? Or take peace and war. Active things seem to be opposite passive things in this way… but then take peace and war. Both of those need to be active (it’s generally agreed that peace is far more than the absense of war).

I can’t really draw this post to a suitable conclusion, and I’ve raised more questions than answers. Sorry :)