Getting around

Maybe I should buy a walking stick?
That’s silly, I don’t need a walking stick.
Yeah but I’m struggling to walk around.
Walking sticks are for people who have injuries.
Also for people who cannot walk to the shop and back.
People will know you are ill.
I am ill.
Using a walking stick might be seen as attention-seeking behaviour.
It might be seen that way, but it is actually mobility-seeking behaviour.

This argument has gone on in my head for a while, but given that I actually am struggling to walk even short distances now (and especially up the lengthy staircase to my flat!) I decided to get one. A nice one, so I didn’t feel so bad about it. It has a glow in the dark handle and foot, and it is mottled copper and black! Also it folds up so I can carry it around and then use it when I need to. The second-best part is that the handle is squishy! The best part is, it actually seems to help.

I thought I would feel more like an invalid if I got one, but so far I actually feel more enabled. The need for milk is not being met with `actually I’m in too much pain and too tired to get milk right now, so I’ll just have to live… without… tea…’. It’s being met with `hey, I can just use my stick’. I actually didn’t expect that, so I’m pretty pleased.


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