It’s about… something…

I think I may have overdone it the past week. I’ve been sleeping around 8 hours a night in a desperate bid to get an acceptable amount of my coursework completed, which I haven’t yet managed to recover from. I should probably have written this whole weekend off but instead I dragged myself out of bed this afternoon and did tiring stuff like thinking and moving things and operating technical stuff. Also I intend to do this tomorrow (yes I am watching the clock very closely, and know full well how many precious recharge seconds are being wasted on this post, but I’m also eating my dinner and dinner is important and too hot right now).

I’ve gotten over some of the embarrassment and awkwardness of using my stick now. Mostly because by today my legs have decided to rebel, so I couldn’t walk more than a few metres without aid. Also my ability to construct coherent sentences within conversation is far from optimal, so I give short and to the point explanations: ‘I’m too tired to walk.’

At this point I’m feeling very much like an old woman. Stairs are a fiery trial that I must go through on a daily basis, and I’m starting to forget things like peoples names, the flow of conversation, what I’m doing at any given moment…. I narrowly avoided buying my mother surplus christmas gifts, because she stopped me mid-sentence and pointed out I’d already bought her stuff. Eeesh. Added to this, nausea and sensitivities are at an all-time high.

I’m sure I had a reason for writing this post, but I can’t actually remember it now. Hopefully I covered it in my long rant. I think probably I need to put some more sleep in!


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