The foolishness of pride

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this tired in my life. Not sleepy- just utterly drained. I left church and walked up the hill to the bus stop, but after a couple of minutes (30 feet?) realised there was no way I could make it. So I went back to see if my friend could give me a lift there. She had already left. At this point I realised that I couldn’t face asking someone I hardly knew to give me a lift to a bus stop that is ordinarily 5 minutes walk away. At least, not without dramatically bursting into tears and collapsing with the effort of crying.

Fortunately theres a bus stop DOWNhill too, and only (ordinarily) 30s away. The route takes twice as long and I have to change bus, but in the malformed interest of pride I opted in. I kept myself awake by composing a cheery blog entry… well, something like that ;D

Somehow now I have made it up the fiery staircase of doom and got in bed. I’m going to call in sick for tomorrow and sleep for a very, very long time.


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