Myopic doctors

I’ve been pretty much bedridden since Sunday afternoon. Not fantastic. I was hoping for improvement by now but the best I’ve gotten is just being able to stagger to the bathroom with only the aid of walls. And that’s when I’m feeling better. Right now it’s painful to move my hands and arms to type, and I’m in bed propped up by many cushions inorder to achieve this. That’s painful too, but not as bad as lying here, doing nothing at all for hours on end. My lovely husband set up my old laptop here so that I can get some work done when I’m awake enough for it :) which is great because I feel behind on my project and I’ve been looking forward to coding it for a while!

I have to provide a written doctors note as evidence of absence, so I reluctantly rang up this morning. The receptionist was extremely rude to me for daring to suggest that being unable to walk warranted the attention of a doctor, and insisted that I could self-sign off for the first week of absence. Fortunately she did agree to talk to my GP, who rang me back and has written a note for my husband to pick up. However, I’ve again been reduced to “low mood and fatigue”, and I’ve to make an appointment to “come in and discuss how I’m feeling”. I thought we were past this, but apparently not.

Yes, I am upset today – I will give you that. It might be because the receptionist spent several minutes berating me, and oh yes, I CANNOT WALK. I would go so far as to say that being upset about this is a natural reaction. Actually, I think that they should be more concerned with how upbeat I am given my current situation.


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