Pacing it

`Pacing’, that is, er… what is it? Well, it’s the one thing that is shown to significantly help with CFS/ME (and ironically the NHS probably haven’t heard of it, even though its free). Actually, finding out what it is and how to do it isn’t easy. Especially when navigating through your short term memory is like piloting a rowboat in fog. So, I was linked this little guide (, which I’m going to try to look at properly when I’ve recovered the ability to read whole paragraphs.

As far as I can explain right now, it’s about finding out what you can cope with doing, and then sticking to that. Then you add in a little bit more, one thing at a time, with lots of rest. Or, as one person explained, `work out what you think you can manage, and then do half’. I’ve vaguely been trying to do something like that with my walking and movement, although without direct knowledge of what is actually beneficial and what isn’t, I’m not sure I’m doing this entirely right.

Speaking of that – my leg usage is slowly coming back, although I’m still confined to the flat – mostly since I can’t walk far enough to get out of it yet. Today I managed to walk down and up a flight of stairs :) without my stick! (although yes, with the handrail). I’m frighteningly excited about this! If I don’t wake up half-dead tomorrow because of this enormous exertion, I will try TWO flights!

I’m managing to get some work done for uni, but it’s kinda pathetic. After a short while my brain just gives up on me and won’t take information in anymore, or enable me to solve problems. I’m hoping that the pacing thing will enable me to get myself back together in time for next semester at least.


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