I finally got an e-mail back from the university disability service, full of nothing useful. Basically they just sent me straight back to my advisor. Fortunately, he has been very helpful. There are a whole set of options other than just silently dropping out of university, dependant on how much better I am by the start of next semester – now two and a half weeks away.

So I feel like I’m faced with a decision. You see, I’m about 80 hours behind on my 300 hour final-year project. If I’m to go back to uni next semester, I think it’s important that I reduce that slight overhead. However, some simple calculation renders that idea void; 2 weeks post-Christmas of about 1 hours worth of strenuous activity per day gives 14 hours work. Factoring in the fact it takes me significantly longer to cogitate even when I’m at my `best’, you’re looking at the equivalent of maybe 7 hours project time. I also need significantly more rest to maintain that level of activity daily; essentially I would be trading the entirity of my remaining holiday for a day’s work. Somehow, I don’t think that that’s going to facilitate my swift recovery

The alternative is to decide now that I’m done; I won’t be ready by January to even walk anywhere let alone attend university for the amount of time necessary to make it up to the minimum requirement. That’s a huge challenge: it’s essentially writing myself off for the next nine months. On the very very small chance that I do significantly get better over the next two weeks, I don’t want to start down that path.

My husband has, in his wisdom, given me an option that I feel I can take. I’m still signed off from university as too ill to be doing work, so I can postpone the decision until I know for sure whether I’ll be well enough. Because I’ve been away for all the weeks when I should have been doing my project, that will have to be factored in to whatever route is taken if I make it back. I’m glad that one of our brains makes sense at least!


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