Sad panda, happy dinosaurs

On Wednesday, I did the foolish thing of participating in several sessions of exhausting exercise. When I say exhausting exercise, I of course mean walking to floor below and back again, hoovering the living room; exciting things like that! The result of all this was that I woke up yesterday morning to find my legs were totally unable to take my weight (again).

sad panda

Sad Panda is the SADDEST panda

In terms of establishing limits for pacing, apparently that lot was way over! I’ll keep resting my legs today and tomorrow, since I still have the epic flight of stairs to get down on Christmas Eve evening. Wait, that IS tomorrow! But I’ll have some help and I can rest as much as I need.

Failing that, I can climb into a sleeping bag and slide down them like my wee brothers used to do. Woooo!

Chompy and Bitey, the dinosaur earrings

Om nom nom tasty ears

Happy things: an early Christmas present arrived in the post yesterday! My friend made me some ultra-cute dinosaur earrings: Chompy (left) and Bitey (right). So adorable <3

Bitey, the dinosaur earring

Bitey’s favourite thing is biting!


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