A lot of rest has gotten me back to the point of being able to sit up and type with only minimal pain. Hurrah! Still not feeling `normal’, but being able to do things beyond lying in the dark silence suddenly feels amazing.

I played some Battlestar Galactica board game this week which was also amazing! So much fun. I really recommend it. Both times I ended up as a toaster though… I think nobody will ever believe I’m human again! The downside of the awesome gaming is that it requires sitting up and being cognisant for several hours; I think thursdays post sums up the reaction I had to that pretty well.

Other great things this week; God has been answering my prayers and keeping His promises to take care of me. I’m still attending university this semester, so I’m still funded, which means food! This is especially good because the benefit support for disabled under-25s is weird, and I might not qualify until I’ve been unable to function for 6 months. In my opinion, that’s quite a long time to go without food.

Also I have a friend visiting tomorrow – yay! Isolation is one of the worst things about this illness; I can’t just go out and see people because I can’t leave my house. I live pretty far away from folk as well, so it’s awesome when people come to see me :) wait, have I posted that already too?


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