CFS on ABC Melbourne

ABC Melbourne have done a short thingy on CFS. Worth a listen. (

Here’s what they say:

– the view “just get over it” is the worst possible attitude
– calling it “fatigue” in the name is misleading – it’s way worse
– no single test for diagnosis; diagnosis requires understanding condition; some tests that suggest it
– no treatment, just management strategies
– lots of unhelpful things you can do!
– “chronic fatigue” is not “chronic fatigue syndrome”
– predominantly 20-30s, but all people get it
– 10% of people who get glandular fever develop CFS from it
– CFS can follow other viruses too
– CFS includes pain, sleep disturbance, problems thinking, problems maintaining blood pressure, immune symptoms (hence syndrome)
– devastating illness
– some overlap with depression (so you need a doctor who understands both to diagnose) and you can have both CFS and depression


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