I was going to post about how I managed to go out this week and see a bunch of people, and how it was awesome, but now I feel angry and frustrated. (It was awesome, btw. And a good indication that I might be able to manage church sometime soon, with the aid of earplugs!)

I’m angry because the government are trying to bridge their deficit by cutting funds to disabled people. They’re not just trying to get rid of the fraudsters; they’ve set a target for the number of people they want to have and they intend to reach it, even though it means no longer helping half a million people, who are classified as being too ill to take care of themselves.

I’m frustrated because we can’t do much more to stop this. There’s a group of severely ill people who have been using all of their energy to promote the cause and try to stop the bill getting through. They worked themselves so hard that now most of the leaders have been hospitalised. People are trying to use the internet to tell the world how they rely on this income, but against a media that consistantly portrays anyone too sick to care for themselves as a lazy benefit-scrounger, what chance have we got of being heard?

More anger and frustration over how the mounting evidence for physical causes of Cfs is entirely ignored, how if you go back to the doctors for persistant illness you’re treated as an attention-seeker, or surely it must be in your head because these are doctors, they would have found it if it was real! I found an article from 21 years ago exploring mitochondrial dysfunction in PVFS. TWENTY-ONE YEARS AGO. How is it that doctors say this is made up?

Even more anger and frustration about how my fellow humans are treated like scum because they are ill. And how this is all going on, and nobody has any idea of it. I had no idea of it until I became so ill I had to start thinking about these things; how is it that anyone else realises what they are allowing to be done to those they live alongside?

Every day I’m more convinced that we need God to intervene in the country as a whole. So much is going wrong and badly, and it’s universally the worst off that are getting hit hardest. Our God is a God of justice, He is a God who is merciful, He hears prayers and answers them. Surely He can intervene today like He has before. He hears the cries of the destitute, so He will be hearing our cries.

So, please pray about this.

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