Trussadh on BBC Alba has done a couple of episodes on ME. Most of this episode was about Mickel Therapy (which is basically CBT with a different theory behind it; seems to be basically conning people out of their money as far as I’m concerned, but a few people have been helped by it). The bit from 35mins-51mins deals with actual science though, and is probably worth a watch!

The programmes necessarily had to deal with people who currently aren’t serious, and have obviously been edited a lot. One of the interviewees did blog afterwards that she wished she had been filmed the day after, when she was recovering from it – can totally understand that! In terms of looking at more what ME is like for those severely affected (which is 25% of sufferers – that’s about 1 in 1000 people, these links on InvestInME are good: They’re quite old but give a good view – not much has changed medical-wise since then; the medical establishment still broadly dismisses it and leaves patients to rot in their homes. The thing about them making a discovery in 2005, I don’t know what happened to that. My guess is it was covered up by unscrupulous pyschiatrists, like all the other physical symptoms they’ve found. There’s been proof for decades that it isn’t psychological, but that doesn’t mean doctors have listened to it.

“The fact that it’s written in black and white means that doctors can no longer dismiss this as a mental condition, as clearly it can kill.” Why does nobody listen?!

Edit: here’s a youtube clip of part of the good bit:!


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