Prayer & punchline

Not been posting much – not much has really changed, and I spent the majority of this week in bed doing nothing. My beloved Mr Scratchy chewed through my laptop cable, which didn’t really help much in that respect! (Now the wires he craves have been coated liberally with chilli powder. You just try that one again, you wee menace).

Who am I kidding; he’s way too adorable to be mad at :3

Some folks from church came by to pray for me today, which was great. We prayed for a whole bunch of stuff too, I guess covered anything that could be a problem here. I don’t feel any better in terms of illness (spent most of the rest of the day resting it off) but I do think some ongoing things were dealt with – for one, my constant feelings of guilt despite knowing I’m forgiven. It’s a good thing to be free of! I’m still hoping for a miraculous healing, so we’ll see. Of course, a miraculous doctor-actually-listening-to-me would be welcome too! It was in itself an encouragement that people have come all the way out here just to pray for me. THANKS GUYS!

Oh, the punchline is this: after they had left, I realised that I had been wearing my top inside out the whole time…


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