The inconvenience of thrift

I am a deal-loving, crafting, DIY, waste-not-want-not, re-use and recycle kind of lady. I love to craft and create. I was also brought up on a very low income, and it’s taught me that money is a resource to be used with care. Now I’m (arguably) an adult, I aspire to live a thriftful life, being careful with my budget. I prefer to make my meals from scratch; so much cheaper and so much tastier! When I see something around the house needing done, it becomes a DIY project or something to search the charity shops for. Cleaning is done via vinegar and baking soda (even clothes: baking soda + soda crystals + salt will keep whites white and brights bright; white vinegar + essential oil is as good a fabric softener as the brands) and my clothes are usually second hand or homemade. Before I was married, I managed on £25 a week after rent. Oh, and I made my own wedding dress! Being frugal is surprisingly fun ;)

All this to say – I can’t do it anymore and it’s driving me nuts! There’s an odd-shaped gap in our bathroom and we need a towel cupboard and we have some cheap wood… it’s screaming at me to make myself a cute little shelf unit and decorate it with some flowery fabric and then edge the curtain that I made in the same thing to co-ordinate, and while I’m at it I could make a toilet cover too and re-do the bath mat to match….

I don’t have the energy for that. Or any of the little projects that my activity-starved brain is producing. I made my meals from scratch before; now I can just about manage to use the microwave by myself: huge impact on the shopping bill for a start. It’s not like my full-time-working part-time-caring husband can add extra hours to his day to also prepare meals from base materials and clean and tidy the house. Although I guess if the cat is going to keep him up all night he could be doing something useful ;)

The fact is, I can’t be that thrifty anymore. I want to be; I’m always looking for ways to cut back and re-use, but I just can’t do what I used to do. I don’t have the strength in my body or the energy. Frankly, I’m doing well to be consistently feeding the cat on time. Most days I don’t manage to get myself dressed. We exchange our time and effort in order to get money, so that we can use that money to save us time and effort. I don’t have any time or effort to exchange anymore though; I can’t bring in money, and I need to spend a lot more to survive. All this panic in me is because the state of cleanliness in our house is now bordering on horrific; we need a cleaner. And the thought of spending £25 on something that would cost me 25p is… ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. I want to be like these self-sufficient super-bloggers; the best I can do right now is re-use my teabags.

I do have a small hope here though; at the weekend a friend came over and taught me how to knit! It looks like it’s very low pressure both physically and mentally, so I might actually be able to manage doing something. I ordered some stuff (discounted, obviously) and I am unbelievably excited about it… ah me, who teased my friends for attending a knitting club at their age… how foolish and ignorant I am. Hehehe. Can’t wait for it to arrive.


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