Still got it!

Well (after yesterday’s post), I can still do some things a thirfty way!

Pet shampoo is horrendously priced- bad enough for the wet stuff and then even worse if you want something you can spray on without getting them damp. So Mr Scratchy gets some baking soda dissolved in warm water. It removes smells and cleans him right up, plus if he licks any off it’s not going to make him ill.

How do I escape?!

With pets that hate water, you can just sprinkle baking soda on them and brush it through. (Similarly, talcum powder is a great trick for de-greasing human hair in a pinch).

Must.. lick self.. dry

I’m using an ex-Roses tin to hold the warm water (no need to have the shower on or fill a tub for the wee guy). I think I might try to find something cat-safe for a gentle scent to add to this; I use essential oils for other things but cats are notoriously easily poisoned so we’ll steer clear of that! One teaspoon will outright kill an adult cat; even a drop administered directly can be enough to poison one.


Being a Scottish Fold, he’s not too bothered about water (although he right now gets upset half-way through, poor thing, and then refuses to associate with me for a good half hour afterwards) so I have started giving him a good wash each week or so to keep him clean and floofy. It wasn’t going to be a regular thing – just for emergencies – but his fur was so markedly cleaned by the first wash that I think it’s beneficial.

Clearly, he's not that traumatised

I said “not too bothered”; he’s obsessed with the stuff. If he ever sees the bathroom door open he runs right in, clambers into the tub, and takes up vigil before the tap waiting to see if a drop will fall! That or he starts poking around the plughole.

Warm and floofy again


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