Doctor day

Friday (doctor-day) started off pretty badly – with my husband embarking on a 2-day mission to refurbish his digestive system (aka: norovirus). I guess I gave it him so… sorry honey!

So anyway – the doctor was a major answer to prayer. He didn’t treat me like I was making it all up or chastise me for daring to use a walking stick (something a lot of ME/CFS folk encounter is medical professionals who tell them that using walking aids is “reinforcing their false illness beliefs”). No – he actually listened, and then sent me for a whole bunch of blood tests. Yes! Additionally, the blood tests were doable on the day instead of me having to go back next week sometime, so that saves me another few days of resting up. The hope right now is that something on the blood tests will come back indicating it’s a fixible disease (ie: not ME) and I can be fixed up.

I go back in a couple of weeks to find out the test results, so keep praying :)


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