No expense spared

Yesterday, Tibby (Oh yeah, that’s his real name by the way; Tiberius) worked out where his toys were kept, and put his little scheming mind to work getting them out one by one and dragging them over to where I was sitting. Hm. Last week I did something vaguely useful making a new toy for him. He loves it very much!

For this you require:
1 x husband who drinks far too many fizzy drinks
1 x needle
1 x scissors
some string

I could pretend that I deliberately collected all the bottle caps up, but no, this is just what my house is like now I’m too ill to stay ontop of housework. I gathered up a load of bottle caps and pushed a needle through the centre of each to make a hole.

Then I widened the hole with scissors threaded all the caps onto the string. I tied a secure knot underneath the caps to stop them dropping off, and about half an inch above them so they can wiggle around and make noise. Voila: one suitably cheap toy to entertain a kitten.

I’m considering tying it to a knitting needle in the future, but right now he gets enough fun out of it tied to a chair.


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