My Ebay Irritation

Why does ebay not allow you to filter out results which are only collect-in-person? It’s all very well allowing you to say “I want to see collect-in-person results within 25 miles of me”, but there’s no way to say “I don’t want to see collect-in-person results that are too far away for me to go collect-in-person”! Ridiculous.

Why solve a problem when you can just complain about it on the internet?

Of course, I could write a web app which queried ebay for one set of search results which covered everything and one set which covered only the collect-in-person results, then compare the two lists and remove all the items from the first which appeared on the second. But that wouldn’t cover results which are collect-in-person or delivery, and frankly it seems an awful lot of work to go to just to browse an auction site.


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