Unexpected Escapades

I had a great surprise last week; a school friend of mine decided to come visit for a few days! So we had an exciting (if rather laid back) weekend.

First of all, my husband changed his shift to work later at the last minute, so she arrived before he was home. Not normally an issue, except that our doorbell was broken (fortunately now fixed) and so I couldn’t let anybody in via the intercom. I had a MacGyverism at the ready to save her from waiting outside though!

Keys on a string!

Apparently watching the keys descend from the top story, along with unintelligable shouts, caused much hilarity in the neighbourhood. Heeheehee.

We played Munchkin and Battlestar and watched the latest Pirates film (storyline aside, the whole experience was greatly improved by the absense of Mr and Mrs Legolas). Tibby got taught about bubbles and my friend got taught about how 5am is PLAYTIME! My husband got a bit of slicing sausage for dinner one night and we convinced him to cut it into dinosaur shapes and accompany it with a volcano:

Clarence, noooo!

He was reluctant at first, but then he named them all and seemed quite distraught when their heads fell off in the frying pan :(

It was a lot easier on me than I expected; I was still able to sleep for 13 odd hours and have a nap in the afternoon, so we got through it alright. But I’ve been sleeping all week so far, and I can’t walk right now, so I’m worried about how going on holiday is going to work out. We’re also still waiting on finances to be sorted, which isn’t fun (eating a lot of toast) so please keep praying :)


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