Care for Someone with Severe ME

An anticipated book was released today: Greg Crowhurts’s “Care for Someone with Severe ME”. It’s a lot of personal story, history and sound advice in one document, penned by a nurse who’s been the carer of his very severely ill wife for 18 years. It’s good stuff, very good stuff, and explains so so much of what it’s like to actually have this disease – and so much more of all of the things which are stopping the sufferers getting any help.

I don’t know what I say that will get through to anybody who hasn’t directly experienced this illness. I could talk about how it’s like the late stages of terminal cancer, the late stages of AIDs, like staying up for two nights and running a marathon (with flu); there are so many ways to not quite be able to describe the utter hellishness of the disease. I could talk about many things, but instead I will say this: why don’t you know about it? I mean you probably know a lot about breast cancer, lung cancer and AIDs, and currently this disease has more sufferers than those combined! Surely, if it’s really so awful and widespread, then you should find out.

If you have time to read the drivel I write, you have time to read this book. You can access it for free, or buy it for a small amount which goes directly to supporting the author and his wife. Please read it, because what it says needs to be heard. Read it; read it now!

Here’s the site where you can access the pdf for free, or buy a copy to support the author:

Read it!

2 responses to “Care for Someone with Severe ME

  1. Thanks so much for this. I’m really looking forward to reading it! I have another friend who has ME quite badly and I’m always trying to learn more about how it feels and what she’s going through and of course, how I can help. Thanks so much :)

    • I’m glad it’s directly useful to you! Please pass it on, hopefully even if she is too bad to read it it will help those around her? And thanks for wanting to understand how it feels and stuff – I think that’s so helpful to all of us. I’m sure that just knowing that cheers your friend up x