Red is faster!

I’ve not been updating because I’ve been busy doing exciting things.

1. My mum came to visit! I haven’t been back since last summer, so it was sooo good to see her again. I miss my mummy. She totally spoiled me of course ;) managed to clean just about the entire flat single-handedly (a momentous task that has not been attempted for many moons) and cooked us real food that doesn’t come in a plastic box every night. My mum is a very good cook! She also provided lots of leftovers so that we would remain fed for a few days, hehe. I did get the impression she was trying to give me a years worth of nutrition in half a week though….

2. Wheelchair! My parents bought me one because they are so pricey and it could be months before the benefit that is supposed to provide me with such things will be sorted out. It is red, because red is faster. My husband seems to think it is some kind of mobile computer-chair so that he never has to get up, though… hmmmm…. Still, it’s amazing! It meant I could go out, not once but twice. We went to the park and to some shops, and then today we went to see mum off. Ahhhh, I love it. Of course, the stairs are still a huge barrier to me leaving, and even just sitting up is tiring, so I’m still mostly stuck in the house. But not forever! Oh sunshine, I missed you so much <3

3. New shoes! I have needed new shoes for ages, but not being able to get out of the house has been a huge barrier to that. Also, not having enough money for them. Mum took me around a charity shop in search of a new handbag, and she bought me these (told you I was spoiled) – they are new as well! The shop had had a load of display shoes donated to them from a shoe company, which all happened to be in a conveniently tiny size. The first pair I tried fit – for me, that ranks pretty high on the probably-a-miracle list. It makes a striking difference trying to walk in these because they are so light; my old shoes were weighing me right down.

4. Mr Scratchy is now a eunuch (awwwww). He started spraying last week, a few weeks early actually, so we got him an appointment at the vet. He’s also got a microchip now, making him officially a robocat. Yesss!

Despite all the excitement, I’m not too overly exhausted right now; I’ve pretty much just been sleeping for the last three days (mum was very considerate about this), so hopefully I won’t be reduced to a state of bwuuuuuuuh for the forseeable future.


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