ME awareness week

So, I decided for ME awareness week that I wanted to show what it’s like to live with ME. I don’t know if I’ll manage a whole week of posts, and I don’t know how long they’ll be, but I want to give a first-person account of living a week with this disease. It’s not this actual week, just a week, because I couldn’t guarantee I’d be well enough to write it in retrospect on the day!

Just remember – this is truly what it’s like for me, living with this (although I’ll spare the details on some things). I’m not going to be exaggerating anything; in fact I’ll probably be fighting the urge to under-emphasise how bad it is. Also, my severity averages about 15% (ME ability scale), which means there are thousands of sufferers in the UK alone, for whom a week as good as mine would be a dream come true.


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