I’ll not want

“Saturday” has been put off indefinitely, as I am busy fending off various troubles one by one, sapping up all the mental energy I have.

Initially I had a neurologist appt, then a week after that a medical assessment for DLA. Then I felt a bit better during the heat, it was magical to be able to sit up! This week I had the dentist (which didn’t go so well, I collapsed in my wheelchair because I couldn’t sit up anymore and my husband had to carry me back to the flat…). I need a few fillings so this week is scheduled off for resting in the hopes that next week I can manage it without any drama!

Despite being basically bedbound, virtually unable to walk and completely unable to take care of myself I found out today that the government have awarded me a DLA of… nothing. So now I have to go to appeal to get the help I desperately need, and that can take 6 months or more. Until then I’m stuck in bed, unable to afford any aids or even basic living things that normal people take for granted.

It made me so, so angry that the DWP are so concerned about cutting costs and reducing numbers that they outright reject someone as ill as me from any help. Cutting peoples lives away so they can fund an olympic barge and ridiculous jubilee ceremonies and tax cuts for the wealthy.

At least I have enough energy that if I devote everything to getting through an appeal, I can do it. What of the thousands of people too ill even for that?

I’m praying that my rather angry appeal letter will cause the decision maker to actually look at the evidence provided, and award me help. I’m praying that God will provide for us as He’s promised, so that we can afford to look after ourselves. I’m praying that God will provide me with good friends and real fellowship. I’m praying for a flat that I can get out of without almost destroying myself for a week. I’m praying the government will stop destroying their citizens to line their own pockets. I’m praying that nobody else I love will abandon me.
It’s easy to believe God gives you good gifts when you have an easy life; now I need actual faith.


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