Far too ill to blog recently. Can’t walk again today; my husband has left me some bread, crisps and flavoured water to keep me company while he’s at work. Still got a lot of things to go; MRI on monday, an ATOS assessment (my doctor has already faxed them explaining I’m too ill to go once, but they lost it…) and of course my appeal.

But, here are some cheerful global updates!

I’m waiting expectantly for the results of the Norweigian Rituximab trial, which should be out in the next few months. The preliminaries ( showed 66% of ME sufferes had significant improvement on the drug, so it looks hopeful!! This drug has a couple of bonuses too: it’s already approved and tested for use in humans for cancer, so if it’s effective it will get to patients a lot faster; they know it works by immune suppresion which gives them a clue to what ME actually is!

Action for ME are petitioning the government for change in how ME patients are treated. You can sign their campaign here:

Also, Let’s Do It for ME! are almost 50% to their goal of raising enough money for some biomedical research in the UK. You can cleverly donate via a web app called “Give As You Live”, where online stores give a percentage of whatever you pay them for products to the campaign, and via “Every Click” which relies on advertising money from web searches.

God willing, I’ll be responding with more cheerful personal updates as well soon enough!


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