Reposts, and changing my style

I’ve decided to kill my reposting habit. And, since this is a blog, I shall now precede to explain why. That’s what blogs are for!

I repost a fair bit. I read another blog, and think to myself “wow, this stuff is brilliant/this topic is horrifying and needs to be shared/I think my readers would be interested”.  That little “repost” button is really easy to click… really easy. I realised recently though, that sometimes I end up reposting far more than I actually post – and I don’t think I like it. Sharing links is fine for a tweet, but a blog is supposed to have real content of it’s own. When I read another blog, I’m going there to read that blog’s content – not stuff they’ve re-posted from another blog (no matter how good).

Reposting is not the style I want to go for at all. But fear not, those-who-just-read-my-blog-to-read-other-peoples-stuff-not-mine! I have stumbled instead on a more elegant and personalised solution to sharing important content which I feel you may benefit from. Instead of madly attacking that “repost” button like a zombie on speed*, I shall instead endeavour to produce infrequent summations of recent posts, articles or papers which I have come across and wish to share.

I’ve correspondingly cleaned up my archives, but don’t worry – if you previously found a good link via this blog and desire to retain it, I’m here providing a list of all the things I’ve just posted a link to… ever****! I guess that makes this my first round-up post. So, if you missed any of these – they are worth a look:

*For the sake of those coming across this site in a post-Zapocalyptic world**, I do not wish to imply by this that I have any insight into the interactions between drugs and the Z-virus, or those infected with it. Sorry.

**Nor do I think there is going to be a Zapocalypse; I have consumed vastly higher than normal quantities of both sugar and caffeine***. This is the result.

***Don’t you dare let this knowledge prevent you from providing me with sugary and/or caffeinated goods though.

****Except for the list of 20 interesting English words, of which the original post has now been removed. Sorry guys, you’ll just have to read a dictionary.

I think my next policy might be “no excessive use of footnotes”.

4 responses to “Reposts, and changing my style

  1. Hi Lydia (new follower here) – just tried the first 5 links and they all say they are not found! Am I doing something wrong?

    • Hm, Thanks for pointing this out – think I might have destroyed them when I formatted the list! Fixing it now :)
      Update: Yep, managed to add random spaces into the addresses. Computing win! They should all work now, sorry about that.