Post Précis (NHBPM 3)

My parents have been visiting, which was lovely – especially as they tidied a bunch of stuff, gave me a freezer, and then shopped and cooked for me! However I am now much exhausted, and unwilling to add further exhaustion by writing something sensible. Also, today’s prompts aren’t very prompt-y. So instead I shall provide a post précis (because everyone knows alliterative titles are 100% more awesome). I was going to let the reader work out for themselves which were serious and which were perhaps satirical, but that assumes a great deal more free time than I imagine anyone has so, handy hint: the last two links might just be for laughs.

Pat’s Petition May Fail Because Good People Did Nothing (Mike Sivier, Vox Political)
Indeed they didn’t, and so it did.

4 Ways Serco Betrayed Patients and Staff in NHS Suffolk (Dr Éion* Clarke, The Green Benches)
Includes, amongst other things, indication that Serco’s contract seems to be based on a promise to cut staff.

New Report into ‘Competition’ in the NHS Warns that Competition May Kill Patients (Dr Éion* Clarke, The Green Benches)

“It’s a Girl”
A documentary, petitions and campaign against gendercide in India and China – the practice of killing female children due to a preference for males.

Liberals Should Be Wary of Assisted Suicide (E J Dionne Jr, Washington Post)
A good explanation of some of the issues with proposed assisted suicide laws which are concerning disabled and ill people. Yeah, it’s American.

The PACE Trial – Psychiatrists Spinning Out of Control (Peter Kemp)
A good analysis of problems with the PACE trial, and the (firmly disproved) psychiatric theory for CFS. You’ll have to copy and paste the link; I can’t find a way to add it that doesn’t insert the whole pdf into this post.

This. Is. Why. (Jennie Spotila, Occupy CFS)
Thoughts on the recent Academy of Family Physicians guide to CFS.

Why I Blog About Caregiver’s Health (Caregiving Cafe)
Thoughts on the health and needs of caregivers.

Police Question Disability Activist About “Criminal” Posts on Facebook (Tom Pride, Pride’s Purge)
Disability activists in the UK have been harassed by police for speaking out against the current situation.

An Apology (Simon Duffy, The Centre for Welfare Reform)
The current state of social care is not ideal. Duffy has written an apology for decisions he has made in the past which have turned out to cause problems. I was massively impressed with this guy – how many folk nowadays will turn round and admit they made a mistake, analyse what was wrong with it, and seek to make changes? Yet, it’s a mark of great character, and a positive thing. If and when I make mistakes, I want to be like this man; have the courage to admit it and change. I wish there were more folk like him.

This isn’t Dickens, it’s Today: Winters cold, homeless and hungry (Pam Field, Think Left)
The state of homelessness and poverty in our so-called “developed” country is unacceptable.

Whedon on Romney (Joss Whedon)
Wow, for the first time, someone has put forward a well thought-out and convincing argument for voting to the Republican. Pity I’m not a U.S. citizen!

6 Things More Useful than Trident
Other options that the UK government could be considering, instead of maintaining nuclear weapons.

*I have been reliably informed that ‘Éion’ is pronounced the same as ‘Owen’, not the same as ‘Ian’. Now you may likewise correct your internal pronunciation.


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