Disclosure/Movember (NHBPM 4)

My husband is taking part in Movember this year, growing a moustache for men’s cancer awareness. I don’t think he’s ever grown a moustache before- hopefully he will end up dashing and handsome, not slightly creepy. The downside is that I won’t be able to tell if his evil twin abducts him and takes his place.

Unless… growing a moustache is what makes you the evil twin.

Today’s prompt is about disclosure. I’m not so sure that there’s much to say on this point, but I’ll no doubt find much to say about it anyway. At it’s most basic, I choose to write things for one of two reasons: they are either important, or they are funny (sometimes both). That means that sometimes I share a lot about myself, and sometimes hardly anything; sometimes I’ll talk a lot about a something that’s affecting me, and sometimes I won’t share anything at all.

For example, in this picture, I decided not to share a close-up of his nostrils.

I chose to share about Movember, because it’s an important thing – even though it has very little to do with what I usually write about. I’ve yet to share much about the legal battles with DLA, mostly because I’m still processing what’s going on. That’s important too, but maybe it doesn’t have to be talked about just yet.

In general, I prefer talking in the abstract, or taking a piece of life and discussing the wider issues involved with it. It’s more rare for me to talk about what’s currently affecting me at the moment, unless I have some insight or query about it. Usually I’ll think it over first, or only mention something because it needs to be said. If you want an example of the complete opposite approach in health blogging, check out Abigail’s blog on the right-hand menu. The differences might give you an idea of what I mean.

Happy movember. Probably more awkward close-up photos to come!


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