Apparently, thinking is hard (NHBPM 11)

My brain is seriously dying from this post-a-day thing. Well, I’ve been writing 2 or 3 in one go recently, which has been slightly better, but I don’t think it’s giving me long enough to recover between times. On the balance of things, I think I am totally foolish enough to ruin my health further in the attempt to complete a challenge, so I should probably stop.

I don’t like backing down from a challenge.

So, on re-evaluation, I will see if producing a series of shorter posts ahead of times does the trick of giving me the chance to recuperate. Also I will probably have to drop other mental energy sinks, such as using forums. Depends how much energy it saps to do it in one go, really, which I don’t know yet. It might at least concentrate the migraines onto that part of the week.

I don’t think I usually put stuff like this, but I guess part of why I’m writing is to raise awareness of what this disease is like. So hey, here’s what it’s like: writing a short blog post every day is too draining and makes me more sick. If I want to be able to write 500 meaningful words in a day, I need to stop doing something else, like talking to people.


3 responses to “Apparently, thinking is hard (NHBPM 11)

  1. AGREED!!!! And you’re not in graduate school: I still have 50 pages of writing & 160 papers to grade before the term is up.

    Tomorrow’s prompt mentions the word “ridiculous” & I think we might need to write about the whole concept of nhbpm. Or maybe just write: One word will suffice: nhbpm.