The People’s Review of the WCA (NHBPM 18)

Spartacus have produced a review of the WCA, showing the real stories behind it, ahead of the upcoming Harrington review. Here are some links on it:

The People’s Review of the WCA

WCA People’s Review (We Are Spartacus)
The accompanying post for the release of the review.

Disability tests are a stain on Britain’s conscience (Kaliya Franklin,

Fit-for-work tests are exposed, again – change this shocking tactic now (Sue Marsh, Guardian)
“The employment and support allowance assessment has caused seriously ill people to suffer for four years, a new report finds.”

Totally wiped; no post yesterday since I went back to bed instead. This week will be summary links to other blogs, if I manage posting at all, due to a build up of fatigue and an upcoming neurologist appointment.


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