Recent benefitish articles (NHBPM 20)

AKA: Cop-out week post #2

Help us frame an e-petition question (Napolean Wilson, Napoleon’s Petition)
A blog trying to word a new e-petition as a follow on from Pat’s Petition. You can leave comments with your ideas/suggestions/comments- it’s hard to fit everything important into 1000 characters. 6 drafts so far; scroll to the bottom for the original post and comments.

Benefit Cap Is Immoral And Divisive (Toby Helm, Guardian)
A LibDem has spoken out against the cap on help for the helpless.

Give Up Work To Attend Workfare Say New DWP Guidelines
An analysis of the planned workfare guidelines, and their inevitable consequences.

Atos assessment death rate dwarfs that of soldiers in afghanistan (Mike Sivier, Vox Political)

Inflation rise will increase the agony for those on benefits (Mike Sivier, Vox Political)

Benefits reform under threat after IT glitch
Also, a bunch of their key staff left. Should be no surprises that this is being mucked up too.


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