Recent politicsy articles (NHBPM 22)

Universal Jobmatch or Jobseekers’ Home-grab? (Mike Sivier, Vox Political)
Analysis of the new, soon to be mandatory, work search system reveals it has sneaky ways to implicate genuine searchers as scroungers, force seekers into unsuitable work and remove benefits for mistakes.

There Are Three Main Political Parties In The UK,… Shame They’re All Tories (Gina Rivens, Welfare News Service)

Why do we tolerate ‘slavery’ schemes that rely on secrecy? (Mike Sivier, Vox Political)

The Sun, The Mail et al – sorry, did we say 120,000 problem families? We meant 16. (Tom Pride, Pride’s Purge)

How can unemployment be dropping at the same time as claims for joblessness are rising? (Mike Sivier, Vox Political)

The Energy Trap (Think Left)
The unfortunate state of Energy companies doing whatever they like, to great detriment.

Garages to provide ‘pop-up’ housing for homeless people (Oliver Wainwright, Guardian)
AKA: nothing says “big society” like a shanty town.


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