A different perspective (NHBPM 23)

It might have been noted that I have not exactly been posting every day this week (and the more scrutinous might also have surmised from my oddly congruent posting times that I have been writing the bulk of my posts in advance) – I was advised by the insightful @Whimsykayak to try an every-other-day posting scheme to prevent my brain from metaphorically leaking out of my ears. It has indeed halted my accession into zombiehood, but alas that and no more.

Fortunately for me, a good friend of mine has offered to provide an as-yet-undetermined number of guest posts! She is not only an excellent writer, but works as a nurse and researcher, giving her a unique perspective on some of the issues in politics and healthcare. I highly respect her opinion and insight, how she strives to live out her faith, her determination and joy, as well as her professional and verbal skills.

I think one of the highest recommendations I can give of her though is this; she is one of the few people who stuck around when I got sick. In fact, more than that, she made a significant effort to be there for me more than she had been previously. When she was in the middle of exams and essays, she would take time out just to talk to me; even during doing crazy shift patterns, she’s still found the time to send me messages of encouragement. She spent time and money travelling a long way just to see me for a few hours. She’s always listened, even if I’m hardly intelligible, and she has never once told me to just think positive and I’ll get better. She is a friend who will laugh with me and cry with me. Not only has she been there for me, she has let me be there for her – she hasn’t decided I’m too weak and fragile, or looked at me in a different way. She never stopped treating me like a real person, and someone valuable, someone worth spending time with. If there is a person who defines true friendship to me, it’s her. I wish that everyone in situations like this could have someone like her; even just one person makes so much difference. She knows how to be a friend.

So, I have no idea what she is going to talk about, but she is worth listening to! I hope you enjoy the guest posts. I have a few things I’m working up to writing as well, so between us I think we will give a good last leg to NHBPM!


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