Recent (personal) disabilityish articles (NHBPM 24)

What do you mean, my post titles have lost some of their finesse?

Strength and weakness (Elle, Elle and the Auto Gnome)
On the strength required to live with a chronic condition.

Shame, Stigma and Scapegoating Scroungers (Kaliya Franklin, Benefit Scrounging Scum)
A frank discussion on the awful realities and personal cost of fighting the welfare “reforms”.

Calling BS on bad doctors (Shelley, Fibro-moms)

Please Don’t Judge Me, I Never Chose To Be Disabled (Helen Sims, Welfare News Service)

Soapbox and Superheroes: Living at the centre of our medical info’ web (Elle, Elle and the Auto Gnome)
Chronically ill patients are necessarily their own specialists, and how this affects our relationships with our medical practitioners.


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