Saturday Summary


Only you can close the Atos salughterhouse (Mike Sivier, Vox Political)
Disability specialist Samuel Miller is putting together a file of the atrocities committed against UK sick and disabled people, and needs more input! Send your story to

The People’s Review of the WCA: A summary (Aida Aleksia)

Why Iain Duncan Smith should look at himself before complaining about people who live off the state (Fleet Street Fox, Mirror)

Out of love or out of data? (Aida Aleksia)
A sensible rebuttal to Sandbank’s Daily Mail article on Britain’s dislike for the Welfare State. 

Scounger myths and the Tory fightback (Jude Robinson, (Hey) Jude’s Blog)
On some of the current set of lies that the Conservatives are using against the people of the UK.

The state can’t tell us how to spend our money (Siobhan Courtney, Aljazeera)
“The UK copying the US by dictating how benefits are spent is an infringement of personal liberty.”


An army of benefit scroungers? The evidence just doesn’t stack up (Matt Barnes, Guardian)

Poverty in Perspective
The project the above article refers to which looks at classifying and understanding types of poverty in the UK

Yes, we British hate our poor. That’s nothing to be proud of. (Sonia Poulton, Daily Mail)

Millions Forced Into Jobs That Do Not Pay Enough To Get By (WNS & Rory MacKinnon, Welfare News Service)

Softly, Softly, into Slums: New Law permits Councils to turn Homeless away (Pam Field, Think Left)

Number of rough sleepers in London increases by 26% (labourwestminster)

And last, a poem by Paula Peters:

Lest We Forget

I miss you every single day
The pain it never goes away
I hear your voice whispering in the trees

The whispering of the leaves saying talk to meI remember every smile in the sun
The days of laughter and having fun
The days of seeing you fight terrible pain
Nothing in this life feels the same againI have to live without you and be so very strong
I wondered what I could have done, why did they get it wrong?
The stress and the fear it tore you apart
I feel so much anger within me, where do I start?I know if you were here right now here is what you would have said
Put the anger to one side, and concentrate on justice instead
Get my story out there and get my story told
But I am safe from harm now I will never grow oldI feel you all about me just beyond my reach
I feel you in the wind in my hair while walking on the beach
Feel your warmth and wonderful spirit in every setting of the sun
Now I am crying once again, I am hurting everyoneEvery day without you is tearing at my heart
It is pure hell without you, I hate being apart
I hear you saying to me, you have to go on
Come on you can do this, you know you are strongI hate what happened that you took your life that day
I so wish you had talked to me; we would have found a way
The Government have a lot to answer for, trust me they do
But I make you this promise I will get justice for youI will never forget you and the others too
Or the horrendous hell you were all put through
You live in my memories and in my heart every day
I just wish there was something to take the pain awayAt 11 am 3rd December, please pause and remember and reflect
For two minutes we remember those who have passed with love and respect
They are in our hearts every single day
We pay tribute to them all todayTo the 10600 disabled and ill people who have lost their lives
You will live on through us, you will never die
For your stories are inspirational and your stories will be told
You are not in pain anymore and you will never be oldTo this government shame on you for this
We who campaign so hard have one lasting wish
To see justice served and to bring you down
We won’t stop campaigning until we get out.

Rest in Peace. You are never forgotten.

© Paula Peters 2012.


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