Sunday Summary


Cameron’s Government Has Declared War On Its Own People, It’s Time To Fight Back (Gina Ravens, Welfare News Service)

‘Elf and Safety (Sue Marsh, Diary of a Benefit Scrounger)
The shocking legal changes that the current government has managed to put in place so far, which have undermined our fundamental rights and are destroying our country.

A few simple ideas to save the UK economy (Part One) (Mark Sivier, Vox Political)

Lord Freud for the third time (Aida Aleksia)
A response to Lord Freud’s enquiry

Leveson: what the enquiry missed (Katherine Quarmby, 4news)

We’ve been betrayed by David Cameron (Steve Coogan, Guardian)
A response to Cameron’s response to the Leveson enquiry

Subsidy for MPs’ bars and restaurants rises to 5.8m (Matthew Holehouse, Telegraph)
The e-petition against this

Arguments that every Liberal Democrat would do well to hear (Jim Grundy via syzygysue, Think Left)

Work placements

The work programme – a £527 million failure (Mike Sivier, Vox Political)
“As many unemployed people are finding sustainable jobs on their own – and are staying in employment six months after joining the work programme – than if the scheme had never existed.”

Leaked memo shows that mandatory work placements are to be introduced for those in the WRAG ESA group from Dec 3rd. (DWP)
Yes, that’s forcing people who have been legally declared as currently unfit for work due to serious medical conditions, to work anyway, or lose all their support.


Revealed: Fate of axed Remploy staff was sealed as part of a secret deal by private firm one year ago (David Clegg, Daily Record)

Time to probe Remploy deal (Record View, Daily Record)


Next Month’s International Threat To Control The Internet – Act Now! (syzygysue, Think Left)
The ITU’s plans to control the internet and limit basic freedoms.

How private is your private life? Help us stop the Snoopers’ Charter (Liberty)
The campaign against the Communications Data Bill, which seeks to have private companies record excesses of private data about individuals.


Academisation, ME/CFS, and the Neglect of Sick Children (Pam Field, Think Left)

Update on the “Secret” Files on ME/CFS + Wessely and the Wok? (Valerie Eliot Smith)
Information on the status of two of the files.


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