PIP – potential disaster

This is either early or late (depends how you look at it) but I think needs to be put up now, given the news about the PIP consultation. As for the reasons on my lateness, I can only apologise, and promise that I will very soon be blogging about it.

The PIP criteria that are being rushed through parliament are not fit for purpose. They have changed it so that if you can go 20m, you don’t qualify for higher mobility, and thus cannot get motability help. 20m might sound a lot, but it really isn’t. It’s less than the length of a bendybus. If you live in a house, it’s probably more than 20m for you to get from your bed to your car. Also remember that you have to take into account coming back, so if you can get to something 10m away (the bathroom? the kitchen?) then you will probably be assessed as not needing that high level of help with mobility.

They have also taken out the “repeatedly, reliably and safely” guidelines. For an awful lot of disabled people, they could do something once (such as going down 3 steps) but not repeatedly, or they could occasionally do something, but certainly not every time they needed to do it (reliably), or they could perhaps go down those 3 steps but they would often fall and injure themselves. Removing “repeatedly, reliably and safely” from the criteria means that people could be assessed as totally able to do things, when in fact it is extremely dangerous for them to do it, and they can only rarely do it.

That’s how this works, if they take it out of the official criteria, they don’t  have to take it into account.

Please contact your MP, and point out to them how ridiculous this is. We really need to fight against it.
http://but-you-dont-look-sick.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/act-now-to-fight-for-your-independence.html?spref=fb (FibroGirl, You Don’t Look Sick)
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