Sunday Summary

But what can we do? (Dr Simom Duffy)
Some strategies for dealing with the current UK government problems.

PIP needs to assess costs, not proxies & PIP: ignoring the costs(Aida Aleksia)
Summarising some of the many problems with PIP.

Money to burn: Fixing the economy part 4 (Mike Sivier, Vox Political)

Who pulled the switch? (Frances Coppola, Coppola Comment)
A great explanation of the cause of the economic crisis.

The government is in denial over the impact of cuts on disabled people (Left Foot Forward)

David Dennis – Disregarded? Not anymore! (Mike Sivier & David Dennis, Vox Political)
An interview with the author of  ‘Disregarded: The True Story of the Failure of the UK’s Work Programme’; provides a great overview of some of the issues involved.

The Big Picture – What Government should do and why they are doing the opposite (Alex Little, alittleecon)

Legal Analysis: Welfare Reform Bill & the Financial Privilege: the Lords have both the constitutional power, and good cause, to assert themselves (JJ, Black Triangle Campaign)
A lot of legal detail, but worth a read if you have the time.

Don’t take away my sheep (Aida Aleksia)
A Biblical take on austerity

Lib Dems’ new message for the new year: Don’t laugh – they mean it (Mike Sivier, Vox Political)
A great riposte to Clegg’s New Year message.


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