Saturday Summary

So, the post-Christmas return to parliament seems to have resulted in nothing but further misery for those already in a dire situation. I honestly feel right now like I’ve said everything I can say on the matter, which is why I haven’t really been posting much. It’s made me so angry that I can’t work out how to express it, and I’ve not been reading so much because sometimes, it’s just too upsetting. Those without enough to live on are having even that taken away from them; there aren’t enough jobs so they’ve introduced slavery; if you’re unable to work, our society no longer wants to keep you alive; those who are forcing millions to starve are demanding their own already-massive salaries go up again; those in charge do horrendous things, lie about them quite obviously, and get away with it. There’s one word that sums up what’s happening: evil.

But whilst I’ve been a bit quieter, I have been scheming away on an idea I’ve had for a while for raising disability awareness. I’m not giving up fighting, no way. I just wish I knew what to do, more than linking to things and shouting away. Part of the disillusionment – if it’s as far as that – is that I feel the awareness is too insular. What’s the use of making noise if the only people who hear it already know about it? There’s spreading information, yes, which is good – but I want to be changing things as well.

Having said that, if all I can do is a small thing, I’d rather do that small thing than give up and not have done anything at all!

Councillors against Cuts
A new network of counsellors who are pledging to vote against cuts. Worth supporting.

Is the public prepared for the benefits battering of 2013?
Millionaire’s government will make paupers of us all. (Mike Sivier, Vox Political)
An overview of the trials to come.

Austerity is a lie (Dr Simon J Duffy)

Until We Have a Cure: What CFS Patients Want Well People to Know (Priscilla Larson, ProHealth)

RE: Comparison of chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalopathy with other disorders: an observational study (Tom Kindlon, RSM Journals)
A good retort to yet-another misleading study.

Also, please remember to contact your MPs about the PIP criteria:


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