A victory for Spartacus

So, today sees a major result for Spartacus, in that the government has given in and pushed back the date for switching people on ‘lifetime’ disability to PIP to 2015, as well as yesterday allowing the full “repeatedly, reliably, safely in a timely fashion” criteria to go through. See Sue Marsh’s blog for a better description: http://diaryofabenefitscrounger.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/david-1-goliath-0.html?m=1


Of course, it’s just one small step on the way. They’re still implementing PIP, there are still all the other “reforms” threatening the lives of the disabled and poor, the media’s hate campaign, the general state of the economy (I can go on…), but it’s something, and something very good!

There is also, however, the latest PACE trial release. More lies and twisting figures to try and make it look like the complete failure of CBT and GET to help those with ME and CFS is actually proof that they are a cure for them. It seems like the more evidence against these ‘treatments’, the more proof that they harm patients and that the illness is physical, the more determined the ‘researchers’ are to insist that CBT/GET is a perfect cure. It disgusts me. There is so much evidence against these ‘treatments’ and against the notion that ME is somehow made up, that anyone insisting otherwise – surely they must know exactly what it is that they are doing? Part of me hopes for their sake that they are just misguided fools, but increasingly I doubt that anyone, in possession of so much evidence to the contrary, could be that misguided.

The unfortunate thing of course, is that the general populace don’t check the evidence, so they believe when they are told by someone official that CBT and GET are good treatments, and ME is all in your head, and the patients would get better if they just thought happy thoughts, and it’s really not that debilitating anyway! People believe it, because they don’t hear otherwise. That’s sad, and infuriating, and doesn’t help one bit. I wish I knew a way to counter that.

So, one victory, one… well, the same as ever. I shall call it a good day.


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