Speaking up for ME (ME awareness week 2013)

ME Awareness Week 2013 is coming up, so who’s up for a synchroblog?

The idea is this: a different topic for every day, all related to ME of course, with different hosts. The ME Awareness week theme this year is “Speaking up for ME”, so let’s help each other speak up!

What does a host do? A host picks a topic they like, and writes a post inviting people to contribute their own posts on that topic on the day that topic is scheduled for. Then later on, they post some of their highlights from the contributions. Of course, given that this is ME, I’m not expecting that hosts will be able to check every single link, don’t worry. It would be great if hosts could commit to some kind of post for every day of the synchroblog, linking to whoeever is posting that day and providing their own take on the topic, but I realise that might be too much for some.

What does everyone else do? Produce something on the topic for the day, then head over to the host’s page and post a link to it in the comments section. It doesn’t have to be a post written especially for the day, old ones are fine too, though obviously fresh ideas are good. The topics will be made known in advance anyway, so if you really want to write on something, you’ll know when its for. You don’t have to post every single day, or just once – post as much as you are able and want to do. It’d also be helpful to put a line in your post explaining it’s part of the synchroblog, and forwarding your readers over to that day’s host.

Also, be sure to check out the links in the comments section to see if there’s anything there you like, and support other people working towards raising awareness for ME! Encourage people to check out the links for the day, especially if its a topic where you feel like your voice isn’t being heard on its own and could do with the bolster.

Of course, when I say ‘write a post’, I’m not wanting to limit that to writing a blog. Vlogs, art, poems, stories, songs… whatever. This is about each of us raising ME awareness in our own way, joining our voices together. We don’t all agree on everything in this community, but we do agree that ME totally sucks and the situation surrounding it needs to change

Who’s it open to? Anyone who wants to raise some awareness about ME. You could be a sufferer, recovered, a friend, a carer, a family member, or even totally uninvolved until now. If you know it’s bad and you want to get the message out, you’re welcome on board.

What do I do now? Well, if you want to get involved as a contributor, hold tight for May 6-12th, and check back here to find out what the topics are. If you think you’d like to contribute then it’d be great if you could leave a comment or send me a note saying as much, so I know if people are on board for this or if we should scrap it.

If you’re interested in hosting, please contact me! Obviously “spaces are limited” on that, but hosting is more work than contributing so I’m not expecting so much interest. I’m not sure yet if it’ll be 3 days or 7, or even if there’s enough interest to go ahead at all, so don’t be shy. And if you want to be involved but this doesn’t look quite like it will work for you, remember it doesn’t have to be exactly the idea I’ve laid out here. Let me know your take on it, and I’ll see if it fits. You can get hold of me on Twitter or leave your email in the comments section and I’ll get back to you.


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