Blog topics for ME Awareness week 2013!

Here are the dates/topics for the ME Awareness Week Synchroblog! Hashtag #MEAW13

May 6th Being a Good Family/Friend/Carer
Tips, advice, warnings and stories of what it takes to be there for a loved one in need.
Hosted by Arielle at Dear Little Disease

May 8th The Positive Side
Counting our blessings; good things that have happened since, or as a result of becoming ill.
Hosted by Abigail at Hidden Courage

May 10th Living with ME
From coping with specific problems, to the stories of every day life; advice and renumerations about life with ME.
Hosted by Barry at Barry John Evans

May 12th Research & Controversies
The disease(s) with a thousand names and ten thousand theories. What’s your take on it?
Hosted by Leigh at A Path Through the Valley

Or feel free to post about ME Awareness any day of the week.

Want to take part? Here’s how:

1. Produce your own post on the topic, as narrow or broad as you like. It could be a blog post, video log, story, poem, picture… it’s your take on the topic and what you want to say.
2. Post a link to what you’ve produced in the comments section. You might want to provide a short description, too.
3. Check out some of the other links; leave comments if you can, and share what you like!
4. Tell people about it – this is about raising awareness, after all.

I’ll try to maintain a list of everyone I’m aware of who is joining in so people can just browse, so be sure to let me know if you want to take part.

There are also some images you can feel free to use (currently hosted by The first three have transparent backgrounds, not white.


2 responses to “Blog topics for ME Awareness week 2013!

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