ME and You

Head over to today to check out the summary of “Being a good family/friend/carer” as part of the ME Awareness Week synchroblog

My ME charity for today is ME and You (, aiming to raise money to support 140 ME sufferers through phase 3 of the Rituximab trial.

Rituximab is the most likely candidate right now for a viable ME treatment. This study would be the next stage in clinical trial following the highly successful phase 2… yet it’s not getting funded. The window for raising money (7 million kr/£820,000) is only 90 days – the period of time the doctor behind this charity has before the Rituximab she was taking loses its effect and she becomes seriously unwell again.

If they don’t reach the goal, the money raised will go directly to other biological research, as detailed on their site here.

ME and You raise 7 million NOK in 90 days to fund a clinical trial on 140 ME/CFS sufferers


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