Let’s do it for ME

Head over to http://hiddencourage.wordpress.com/ later today to check out a summary of “The Positive Side” as part of the ME Awareness Week synchroblog.

My ME charity for today is Let’s do it for ME! They are a fantastic ME charity with a dual purpose – to help people raise awareness about ME, and to raise funds for biomedical research. It’s a campaign run in cooperation with Invest in ME, an independent charity which campaigns for biomedical research into the disease.

The site has a whole bunch of ideas and events for raising awareness about ME, and raising funds for research, including famous ones like The Big Sleep and Walk for ME. As well as the suggested events, you can use sites such as “Give as you Live” to raise funds for free – meaning almost everyone can join in.

Currently they are trying to raise £100,000 for a centre of excellence for translational biomedical ME research (aka: a proper biomedical research centre) at the University of East Anglia. Right now they are at £92,000!

Let's do it for ME!

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