Research, Controversies & Awareness

Thanks to everyone who joined in with raising ME awareness last week, whether through protests, funding charities or of course blogging. I have loved having my timelines filled with thought-provoking posts, challenging pictures and heartfelt cries that the way things are is not okay. Most people were posting about ME Awareness (which makes sense, given the date) so I’ll cover that too!

My favourite thoughts on research:
“On ME and Silence (ME Awareness Week 2013)” Tanya Marlow
A powerful mix of personal experience, hard facts, and the reality of why the noise about ME needs to change.

My favourite tale of raising money:
“Blue Sunday – ME Awareness Day” Anna Jones
Running two parties at once to raise money for an ME charity.

My favourite summary of events:
“International Awareness Day, May 12th 2013: Worldwide Protests and Events”, Mark (Phoenix Rising)

My favourite person to follow:
Tom Kindlon, who has as far as I can tell been sharing pretty much every awareness raising image/quote/site he can find.

My favourite awareness raising idea:
This has to be the most freaking awesome awareness raising thing I have ever seen, lighting up the Niagra Falls blue:

Niagra Falls lit blue at night

From May 12th – International ME/CFS & FM Awareness Day Facebook page


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